Partial Hospitalization Program

Urban Trauma Counseling Center's Partial Hospitalization Program provides a structured full-day program for clients who need substance abuse stabilization services but are able to go home in the evening

The Partial Hospitalization Program provides trauma-informed Substance Abuse treatment to clients who have already been medically cleared and are in need of a supportive, therapeutic environment to begin their recovery journey.  

Client receives intensive collaborative treatment, from a team of Psychiatric and Behavioral Health Professionals, during the day, and unlike inpatient hospital stays, clients are able to return home in the evenings.

Our Partial Hospitalization Program will assist clients in beginning the recovery and rehabilitation process and will provide supportive transitional services to clients who are no longer acutely ill, but still require moderate supervision to avoid risk of relapse and help with transitioning to lower levels of care.  

Services under the PHP are provided daily between the hours of 9:00am - 3:00pm


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